A1 skyraider


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I believe @Splinter189 (John Overstreet) has already designed and built a MS A-1 Skyraider. I am not sure when/if it is to be released.

I think the next planned releases in September are a MS T-6, F-16, and MM BF-190.

Joe Skehan

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Has anyone tried to dress up an existing mighty mini as an A (maybe a t28 or f6f.)? My father was a naval aviator in VMA-225 and I’m highly motivated to assemble one. Any suggestions appreciated. Perhaps I should wait for the rumored release John has in the pipeline


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Is there anyone interested in supporting a request for the team to do a master series Skyraider? This is my favorite prop driver aircraft and one of the most rugged and long serving prop planes.
Flitetest team would you consider this?
Bill Holker, New Zealand
I'd be all over it!! I love the Skyraider too!!


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the skyraider shouldnt be too hard to develop the plans for, its something I might consider doing, if I ever get the bearcat done.

try your hand at developing a new model, you dont need to use a CAD program,

give it a try!
Has anyone found Skyraider plans? I love that plane and I suspect it would be very forgiving. I have started making my own plans using NerdNic's instructional videos, but I am new to the software and short on time, so I don't think I'll complete it.