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Airplane scratch build project - Evangel 4500

The Hangar

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Hey friends! At Flitefest 2019 I worked on a project a friend had designed. He drew out some plans and gave them to me. I translated them to foam board and tried to make it fly. Well, it didn’t. There were a number of issues:
1) it was heavy. I am usin 1808 motors on 3s, so I have plenty of power but more weight means you need more airspeed to keep it in the air.
2) since the motor nacells in the design are so low, you need a bit of down thrust to compensate for that. I didn’t have any making it loop upon launch. Fixed it there.
3) I had accidentally made my nacells slightly crooked, so my plane always wanted to pitch right.

I plan to redo the wing and leave the fuselage since i spent a while painting it and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out😉. The tail got a little banged up in transportation and storage, tho that will need some work too. I have the plans I used and will try to post them just in case anyone else wants to join along! (Please do!) It is a pretty small plane - just a tad bit smaller than the mini guinea pig. CECEADA6-DC2A-4ACC-924B-A0B15FA26580.jpeg 243D0950-8734-40E7-B18D-0AE04C55B402.jpeg 3B80A3C6-3723-4DB3-89CC-7E867601134B.jpeg 34A5C7FF-4E55-4D9B-B8F7-D9809E3D12BC.jpeg B8ECC95C-867B-4D45-9AAB-297E92768AF4.jpeg
NOTE: progress may be slow as I’m working on several other airplanes right now😂
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I really like the look and the design philosophy of the Evangel.
A rugged and minimalistic plane, purpose-built.
Interesting that the prototype was atricycle gear high wing while the production model turned up as a low wing tail dragger. Probably to make maintenance on the engines easier plus the increased angle of incidence will help with the STOL characteristics...

I think you captured the basic lines quite well. if I'd change anything off the top of my head I'd probably reduce the size of the aerodynamic balances on the tail plane and add to the stab surface instead, that will make it flex less and help with control. for the two-in one linkage neccessary for the twin elevator I would probaly invest in a linkage stopper to make setup easier.
Speaking of linkages, they look a bit long and floppy. you should probably secure them to the foam in a few places, or if CG allows move the servos farther back inside the fuselage.
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