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Another guy joined the forum to milk it for secrets.

I haven't been "new" for a few years.
I have been flying RC off and on, since 2001. I started with balsa gliders, and moved into foamy warbirds. I still have gliders but now they climb up on props, and lipos instead of a spool of line bolted to a car starter. I enjoy building as much as I enjoy flying.

Planes in my hangar, (I fix it myself if its broken and keep on flying):
Micros: (Mini Radian, P51, P40, T28, Cub, and my own design NO.75)
Park Zones: T-28, P51, P47, Spitfire, and Se5a.
FMS: 1450mm P51, 1400mm P40, and 1400 Spitfire.
Dynam: Big Cub, and C47.
West Michigan Parkflyers: McFoamy,
Radian, and Radian Pro.
Carbon Z T28
Longshot 4 DLG

I fly at what I believe are scale speeds for the scale planes, and realistic patterns, I only hot dog on the McFoamy which is a great way to improve your reaction time. Gliders teach you the most valuable lessons of speed monitoring, glide path and managing lift.
I love watching a glider riding on the wind, and defying gravity until the last second.

Lessons learned:
1.) CG isn't a suggestion, and the manufacturers aren't always right.
2.) Never fly above your head.
3.) Make sure the company you buy your plane from has parts for that plane.
4.) Always listen to advice, but don't always follow it.
5.) When challenging a tree always make sure you're flying a chainsaw.
6.) Never charge lipos around anything that you like.

Thanks for the forum, and for all of the info here.


Wake up! Time to fly!
I had to say Hi just for the title. The introduction made it that much better. Welcome to FT you will fit right in.