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Any Interest in Autogyros?


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Finished my twin twirl, but still haven't flown it. holding it in the yard, it seems like it needs quite a bit of wind/speed to get spooled up
yup. i always stand behind mine, make sure it is going straight into the wind, give the rotors a good spin, then power on. make sure you have plenty of speed before lift off and don't pull too much elevator. once in the air it's pretty simple, it's the take off's that are always an event with my autogyro's. :LOL:


me :cool:

L Edge

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Suggest you review videos so you can watch enough takeoffs and flights. In a way, it is like a heli, yank it or have the blades too steep, it looses lift and it drops out. Make sure your liftoff is shallow. Have fun.
This is all your fault.

Revision 2 will most likely still use the Old Speedster as the frame, but I'm going to shorten and narrow the wings closer to the Pitcairn.

Ultimate goal is to build the rotor mast & head out of foam so it's reproducible (I don't think it needs to be powered) or at least get dimensions for something that works that can be 3D printed. Unless I can figure out a gimbal mechanism, you won't have ailerons unless you have an old HK G2 mast around. For the prototypes I'm (most likely) going to remove the power unit since it's heavy.

FWIW - My HK Auto-G2 NEVER flew correctly.
I was chatting with a friend and told him I had the idea to build this. Apparently you beat me to it. Any luck here?

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I was chatting with a friend and told him I had the idea to build this. Apparently you beat me to it. Any luck here?
Yes, this is "OTTOGYRO" that I scratched built and found a way to fly it. Doing heli's, really help me learning how to fly it. First figuring out CG.

Here is 3 round trips

For best details, start to look at RCGroups(you must sign in) and do a search to look at plans for foamy.
"Apache Longbow, Aerobatic foamy gyrocopter; VIDEO ; ** PLANS**"
This will start you off with a good background to read the 55 pages. View the videos and that will get you the understanding of how to fly it.

IMPORTANT POINT, do not design it for aileron hinge--sloppy hinge and causes damage to servos as you crash. You will, plus light weight is better. It has been 4 years for me and I'm having trouble finding the blade diagrams but give me time.
Otherwise, pick a set of blades that you like and go for it.
More, later.
Do you have the Long Bow Plans? This does not appear to be a link. I would love to try this.

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Will have to hunt for them in Rc Groups. Meanwhile, go to Rcgroups, do a search on "Apache Ag-64 Leadfeather" and read what is involved to copy what he did. Very precise duplication is needed, but the reward is something when a piece of delicate foam flies at the field.

In my boneyard, here is what I found.
rotor head.JPG

You will be dealing with 3mm carbon rods, flimsy foam and flapping hinges. If you want to start a thread, go ahead for their are others who would like to succeed. Should rebuild, adapted CA hinges to really make flopping hinges to improve the shakeyness of the rotor. Also added thrust bearings to be real smooth.