Anybody else scratch building tonight?

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this plane is an original piece of cake glider, I built one out of foam board to see how it would fly because I had the balsa version.
it flies wonderful even with those corky gear it’s still so fun to fly


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Rudder definitely looks big.
Yes, but it was designed as a glider and gliders are usually slower than powered aircraft becauze of their lack of a motor, so there is less air affecting the tail suefaces and so they must be enlarged to combat this. This is just my guess, I don't know anything about this specific model.


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I have been waitimg for this box for a lomg time and it just arrived. I won't say what's in the box, but you'll see what it is when I am done building it. It is a kit though and it's future tense, so I hope this counts on the thread.

Hint, it's a glider.

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Found a video of the balsa plane that my plans were based on. Hopefully mine goes as well LOL! The wife says Probably not:ROFLMAO:

How is the Rutan coming along? I thought I recall some question on the CG, maybe confused with another. Anyway, stumbled across another model of a racer version. CG shown if needed. I wouldn't mind making a Foam Board version. that


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Haven't done any building since finishing the Goblin.

But I have put plenty of miles under its wings. Made it out past 1.5 miles today before turning around.