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Anycopter is crashing really well (not being sarcastic.) Video!


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Hi, forum!

Thanks to help from the folks here, I got my Rotor Bones Anycopter X quad running. I stuck a Mobius ActionCam onto it, and after two days of cursing at the camera, got it working properly by installing the new firmware (again, thanks to help in the forums.)

ANYHOW, here is my very first onboard video! Including my first onboard crash!

I'm REALLY happy with how the anycopter is crashing. I've now "wrecked" it three times. Each time, I have cracked two booms, and everything else is fine. Bolt in some new booms, and I'm back up in the air. That's exactly how I had hoped everything would behave. Each crash is costing me, like, a dollar. This is WAY more fun than taking things seriously!

The water tower in the video is in Westtown, PA: it's called Oakbourne Tower. More about it here.

Oh, and here's the downed quad. You can see that the one-dollar booms are broken, and the two-dollar propellers are chipped. Everything that costs more than a cup of coffee is perfectly fine!



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Sounds great. I love how with Flitetest's designs the expensive components do not get damaged and the common, cheap materials do in a crash! I crashed my knuckle after handing over the controls to a 10 year old. He pushed both sticks all the way in all different directions. All of the motors broke off due to the zip ties I used to attach them. Good luck with your new quad!


Some guy in the desert
Those props look a bit more than chipped to me :D

Of course I've flown on worse than the one on the red boom so I shouldn't point fingers ;)

And yeah these things crash really well - as you get better at flying you'll get better at crashing too. When I first built my knuckle quad I was breaking a boom in most hard crashes. Now it's been close to a month and I haven't broken one despite some nasty impacts (I'll be sharing video of my latest shortly...I knew I shouldn't have gone for two consecutive flips....)

My first hard crash today I only broke one zip tie, still replaced two though since even with just one broken it was enough for the motor on that corner to pop off and land a few feet away. My second hard crash was really hard...and only broke 3 zip ties causing two motors to come off. Would have field repaired it and kept flying but one of the motor wires broke right at the bullet connector so I've got to warm up the iron tonight before I can get it back in the air.

Last time I crashed at this spot trying to flip I knocked all four motors off, broke a boom, and smashed my FC (though oddly enough I'm flying on that same board again now!) And that was a lower slower crash than today's.

Either I got a super good piece of wood from the store this last time or I'm getting "better" at crashing....