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I have a homemade plane made form recycled materials that uses a arduino to control it.

Plane Specs
2200kv Brushless Motor(7$),
20 AMP ESC (coming in the mail),
A arduino nano(2$) with a 2.4ghz radio pair(6$) with a 2nd arduino Uno(3$) with a pc using serial monitor and HY-SPF05 (2$)
with a ITG/MPU(3$)(upgrading to a wifi add on for arduino with 2400 feet range)and soon a GPS(10$),
3 99g Servos, (from a pack of 10 for 20$)
soon Custom Battery Pack 6 syma x5c batteries that are 25c 680mAh 3.7v Lipo 3 series 2 parallel
for 11.1 volts at 1360mAh

(this is still cheaper than buying a prebuilt battery and lighter a little smaller but only because the can be moved to fit)

2 5 pcs sets from amazon for 35$
WingSpan 42 1/2"
Length 32"
Height 9 1/2"
Weight IDK over 250 grams last i checked but need to weigh it but i know i will need to requester and mark it before flight.

and a 10 and 1/16" prop

most of the electronics are from gearbest very slow shipping this project has been in the works for 4 months.

will upload photos later its not working for me right now
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