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Articulating Fuselage


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In this episode of Flite Test Josh and Josh show us a really cool project. Have you ever seen a plane with a tail that wiggles? Watch as they show us the articulating fuselage that they installed on the Gumby, all with HobbyKing parts!

What we used:

TGY-375DMG Metal gear Digital Servo<br>

3mm Carbon Fiber Rod<br>

Landing Gear Wheel Stop Set Collar<br>

Horn Set - Suits HobbyKing Mi Servos<br>

Metal Push Rods<br>



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Man that was just one insanely cool idea!! How did you guys come up with this one. Looks like a really cute Pet RC Aircraft lol Loved it :)

BTW: Some very cool engineering there!!
I've spent the last half hour trying to watch this past the 1:30 mark. Did the internet break? It's just weird how the video gets stuck and won't play past that point.
Great idea... LOL, Loved seeing Bixler pick on Scott... Usually, it seems the other way around.... Refreshing change. Love the dog happy plane. May have to do something like that. Great idea.
I've spent the last half hour trying to watch this past the 1:30 mark. Did the internet break? It's just weird how the video gets stuck and won't play past that point.
Worked perfectly for me first time. Could have been an internet problem. Try using lower resolution, and give more time to buffering without watch it. Also, reboot your computer. If on a cable or DSL modem, reset the cable/DSL Modem and router. Something could have gotten some data clogged up somewhere. Hope you get to see the rest of it. Well worth the time.


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I like the idea. I think it had a problem with twisting. If there was some way to keep the tail rotationally oriented with the wing I think this could make for an interesting plane.

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I would have never guessed that you could control a plane like that. That's crazy!

Did you guys get any more stick time on it since filming?


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I've been for a while thinking about a hang glider type of rc where CG is shifted for control. Anyone see that one done?


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I have sean a hotair blimp use a pice of lead ,when it whent forword the lead moved forword,
when it whent back words the lead moved back .the lead was on a track with a moter to move it.
Thats all the info i got on moveing the CG.
Yeah, that's how those Air Swimmer blimps work.
Here is what I was thinking. shifting the CG makes a huge difference so shifting the CG on an airplane to make it roll would make it too responsive. That is why I think the only place that I have seen it used is on blimps because they are so slow that they need to be extremely responsive in order to move.

Of course with a RC hang glider, when you pull on the strings of the parachute thing, you are basically shifting the weight of the body. A small amount, but still the weight is shifted.

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