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Balsa Kit Manufacturers


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Thanks for the update on Mountain Models - it's sad, but we've had several peoples orders reported here that have had problems, and I'm going to pull them off the recommended list for now.

Very sad day. :(


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It really is saddening to see what's happening to Mountain Models. I bought my first SwitchBack in 2001 (STILL have it!) when Doug owned MM. Always had awesome service from both up until Brian decided to sell and he lost interest. It'll be a shame to see it go away if he can't find a buyer. In the meantime I've hoarded close to 20 N.I.P Mountain Models kits just to be safe. ;)



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There's a new kit manufacturer taking orders! :D:D

Willy Nillies is cutting kits of some classic designs https://willynillies.com/shop?olsPage=t/laser-cut-balsa-aircraft-kits

I saw them posting on facebook a month or two back, but they didn't have a website and only sold via Facebook PM at the time. Now they've got a webstore open, and the guys over on the RC Roundtable podcast were saying some positive things about them too.

They just have four kit options right now, an ACE GLH & Simple 250, and a Barnstormer & Littlest Stick, all sized for a Cox Peewee .020 or brushless 1806 motor. Prices are very reasonable too.

I just ordered one of the Barnstormers and plan to do it as a shoulder wing with the 29" span option - should be a quick little build and I've got the electronics already in the drawer.
My Super Sport 250 will be here day after tomorrow. I just looked and yet another 250 gram kit was posted and will be shipping by the end of the month: https://willynillies.com/shop?olsPage=products/hummer-250-coming-soon These guys are keeping busy!