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Basic 4+ channel tutorial video por novices

Hi, Im new here and hope nobody gets angry about my chosen name but im really new to RC and i feel very limited at the moment.

Im a hobby guy, being into building stuff for some time, that coulbe be from a piece of furniture to an electric guitar. its being a long time since i have my eye set on the RC hobby and to be honest flitetest gave me the courage to go forward and give it a try.

since im really commited i got parts from hobbyking to build a vtail quad and a regular quad, the regular will be for learning to fly and the Vtail its just awesome so i have to do one. conneting and assembly is very simple but my problem right now is the radio that i got.. Turnigy 9x NO MANUAL AT ALL!

so here i go, since all manuals seems to be freehand writen and no manual is quite newbie proof, is there a chance that someone can explain the diference between heli, plane and glider (witch one is for cuads?) and whats the PIT and how to set the auxiliary? at this moment i managed to get the basic controls working, but how to enable the gear swich or aux 3 to change modes its a little bit confusing!

All help will be apreciated, i have seen some youtube videos but they only cover bits and pieces.