BCAM-AD-FW-FP90-1-A Systems Development Platform


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I had posted about the FP60-1-D Mod I was working on in another area but it looks like that is a more obscure place and this looks to be a more appropriate location to introduce my current project. This had started out as a scaling up and materials upgrade Mod to the FP60-1-C to the -D, after getting started it became massively imperiative to scale up the wing along with the rest of the aircraft. This has lead to the re-designation of FP90-1-A as it has gone from a 60 inch wing to a 90 inch wing. I have also added: a full Navigation Lighting System, Flaps, 12V Power supply, 5V Power Supply, Centralized Wiring Harness in both the fuselage and the wing, Tail wheel that swivels.... The list of upgrades just keep going. If there is something more you would like to learn about what I am doing and or how I do it you can check out my
Web page at:
YouTube Channel at:
Or contact me on this Forum.

Here is a Pic of the FP60-1-C before work began on the -D Mod; the other pics of how it came to be and evolve into the FP90-1-A are posted on my web site and in public galleries here in this forum.

BCAM-AD-FW-FP60-1-C public.jpg
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