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BEC for naze 32


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I bought:
1quanum falcon quad frame
1 afro 12a esc !!! Oops!
4 multistar motors
1 orange rx 4channel with 6channel ppm
and a naze32.

My1st quad...

I realized my mistake and went to the local hobby shop and bought 4 hitec 12a multi rotor esc WITHOUT bec. My second mistake/oversight.

Short of buying a proper bec. Can i use the afro esc's bec to power this whole setup? It only has a 5v 0.5a bec.

My question. How much current do the signal wires draw on an esc, the reciever and the naze32?
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Its not ideal but you should be able to use the bec on the afro. 0.5 a is not a lot but the rx probly uses < 100 ma and the naze < 150 ma so it should be enough. Think i saw a test that measured 100ma for the naze. I wouldn't try to power much else and i would replace it with a proper dedicated 5v power supply at some point but its a way to get going. Just be careful to insulate the afro's motor wires so they don't short out together or on anything else.


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For quads running a Naze32 and receiver I use the Pololu D24V5F5.

For tri-copters and things that need more 5v current I use the Pololu D24V10F5 or better (depending on the size of the tail servo).

The entire Pololu selection is here.

The ones I selected are tiny. The more current they can handle the larger they get. The tiniest one can often be fit under the flight controller for a very clean build.

You can use that ESC, but it will be bulky. Like PATK said, swap it out when you get the chance.


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Thanks Guys.

Whats the amp draw from each esc's signal wire?
Whats the diference/advantage between a pololu and a BEC?
The ESC signal wire will draw hardly anything.

The pololu is a standalone switching voltage regulator circuit.

A BEC is an RC circuit for the purpose of eliminating the need for a second 5v battery to power the RX and other things like servos or flight controllers. This allows you to use the same higher voltage main battery to power both your motor(s) and your RX etc. Since an ESC needs a voltage regulator for its micro controller, BECs are often built in to ESCs as a convenience and but can be stand alone.

You can use a pololu voltage regulator as a standalone BEC.
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