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Problem with my quad


PS : sorry for my english, i'm french :)

I had built my first quad with this pack : https://hobbyking.com/en_us/multist...-afro-esc-set-of-4-cw-ccw.html?___store=en_us
and a CC3D.

I've recently changed my ESC to use a 4 in 1 racestar ESC 20. The first problem i met was the fact that there's no BEC with these ESC. So I use the power control of my battery to power my CC3D :

cc3d alim.png

The CC3D lights are OK ans i can control my motors.
I have a problem because if i move the quad (ore the CC3D) the motors spins really strangely. Is it because the CC3D power is not stable (no BEC) or is it something else ?
I've tried with another CC3D, same result.

I can make a video to show what's really happen.



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Hello Jocelyn and Welcome to Flite Test.

You have several issues going on. First the negative.. Please don't feel I am putting you down or being mean in anyway. Just stating what I see. The motors in that kit are rated at 18 amp max. you have upgraded to 20 amp esc's. It will fly like that but be aware if you are near full throttle there is potential to burn out the motors or potentially short the esc's if the coatings on the motor coils melt and short from heat. That is a safety concern which is why I lead off with that.

Second. the way you power the CC3D is fine for the voltage it requires to work. However that wiring is bad for the battery as you will always run the battery down unevenly and that is not good for lipos. Again a safety issue as there is potential for fire or explosion if too far un balanced. Stand alone 5v bec's or regulators that will run off full pack voltages are very cheap and easy to install.

Now the good. You have not damaged your flight controller and the behavior you see is just the accelerometers trying to correct flight even though it is not in the air. It has no way to understand the difference between flying and not flying and will always act as if it is in the air and correct for any changes seen on the accelerometer. Once you get the bec or regulator to power the board you can do a proper set up which will include motor rotation, esc calibration as well as a way to confirm everything is set properly.

When you get the bec or regulator installed feel free to come back for the next part of the set up or better yet with a completed build with pictures and a video of a successful maiden flight.

Thanks for your answer, i'll change the motors and buy a BEC, safer... hopefully the drone deosn't works normally so i've never flown with it.

For the "strange spin" it's not compensating normally, I'm used to the reactions of the drone (if i pitch forward, the forward motors will spin faster for example), but in this case it's totally strange and without "rules", i've even tried in rate mode (normally the accelerometer doesn't matter in this mode right ?) and it still spin "strangely".


Wake up! Time to fly!
Is the motor order correctly connected to the FC? If your FC is pointing one way and you rotated motor connections by 90 degrees where motor one is now four or two on the esc and motor two is now one or three and so forth that would give you what you describe. Use your FC software to spin one motor at a time. Make sure motor one spins when power is applied to motor one and two spins when two control is used and so forth.

It could also be that the motor order the FC wants is different then the motor order the AIO esc is designed for so you may have to swap connections or in worse case reassign addresses for the controller.
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Hello Jocelyn,

Tu as la chance d'avoir cet bon homme PsyBorg t'aider. Il sait bien les mulitrotors et il m'aide aussi avec mon petit Gremlin.

Tu parle anglais perfectement. Je te parle en français seulement pour pratique. J'ai besoin de parler plus mais il n'y a personne que je peux souvent.

Of course welcome to the forum and please do keep us posted. Photos and videos aof your progress are always welcome.