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Hello my name is Rylan and I want to get into the RC hobby! I have had experience with store bought quads but that is about it. I want to build a large scale classic uav type plane but I have to get my foundation down first.

I have been binging all the beginner videos on YouTube and have found a fuselage tutorial I like. I just don't know what electronics I should use.

I have attached the Noob Tube plane I would like to build.

From what I can gather here are the electronics I will need :

1 Brushless motor
5 Servos (2 aileron, 2 elevator, 1 rudder)
5 servo arms
push rods
2 Y connectors
Transmitter remote

In terms of the transmitter and receiver I have seen the flysky fs-i6 and the ia6b receiver. Are those any good? there more budget but still seem feature packed.
I have no clue what motor to get or how to tell between them to be honest. I want enough power to be able to put these parts on a bigger plane but also I don't want it to be overkill for this build. Same goes for batteries.

I want parts that will last and I won't outgrow instantly like I would a pre-made ready to fly but at the same time I don't want to go all in and break the bank.

Im located in the US and would if at all possible buy my parts from within the USA for shipping reasons. I also know that a lot of non-chain hobby shops have closed their storefront and if I can help support them I would like to do that. Please link any stores or products that are in-stock, ready to ship, located in the USA!

Thank you so much for any equipment advice or any suggestions!


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A power pack B would work with the plane in the picture, but if thats not the plane, can you give me the specs-wingspan, fues length, etc.


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Also, you only need 1 elevator servo if the elevator is joined. if not then get 2
I would get A DX6E if you are willing to pay extra.-
a DXE is also good, but you would need a programming cable- -programming cable-
For the receiver, I would get an AR620.-
Power pack B- ( servos-4 you'd have to buy a 5th servo ESC-1 Motor-1 Yconnector-1 you'd need to buy a second. with a plane from flight test you would get push rods. if not- youre servos come with arms
Also if you are new to flying, I would recommend getting a flight test plane to start and then moving your electronics to the scratch build once you know how to fly. You might also crash 2-3 planes in the process of learning to fly.
You can also buy some of these parts at hobbyshops, but I am giving you links to FT store.

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Have you visited the Flight Test online store yet? You can get an good idea of what you need electronics wise by looking at similar planes and researching the power pack components by looking at the recommended or similar items to what your looking at. If you didn't know the DIY planes have free downloads so you can do your own scratch builds and there are build videos for them to follow. As for the TX I went with the Spectrum DX6e mainly because more than one person on the forums share the opine that the gimbles have a better feel to them and I wanted a digital screen for settings. Money wise they are about the same.


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The Flysky equipment you have is fine, they have excellent range and reliability. I’m very happy with my older Flysky equipment.

I would add control horns, a cell checker and a battery charger. I make control horns from gift cards similar to how Ed does it.

I get most of my rc equipment from Hobby King, Banggood and Ebay, all have US shipping options. For me, US shipping takes about a week & foreign shipping 3-4 weeks.
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Welcome to the hobby. I would second the advice with FlySky equipment. They do the job, are reliable and have excellent range. I'm on FS-i6X and FS-iA6b receivers. Covers all the basics with no bells or whistles.
As advised, I would pick up a SBK to start with. At least just for your first build. Pick out a power pack and battery set up. Scratch build that model each time it becomes unflyable/irrepairable. Whilst your enjoying that, start buying spares tools parts or materials for your next build slowly(if you pick a similar model you may only need a battery or prop).
I would say by the following year you'll have enough gathered to be able build nearly anything you want. You will have the skill and knowledge to adapt designs to suit the materials you have at hand too.
If I could advise a good easy first model as well, the Tiny Trainer. Lots of people on here have found very fast success with that model. Nice easy to scratch build and learn to fly. I started on mini Pietenpol, but I wouldn't advise that as it has a few more details parts making scratch building a longer process.
Anyway, good luck, welcome to the hobby and let's us know how your getting on.


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I would second the advice with FlySky equipment.
I will "third" the Flysky FS-i6 radio. I bought one five years ago thinking I would upgrade if I stayed with the RC hobby. I am still using the same radio for all my 20-something airplanes. It has great range, very reliable and extra receivers are cheap. I can't think of a single compelling reason I should spend more money on another radio.

Some minor problems I had:
  • One return spring on the right joystick fell off. I bent a new loop on the spring and hooked it back up.
  • The outside toggle switches on the left and right snapped off by dropping the radio. Got new eBay toggle switches and soldered in.


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do a search for "what transmitter should I buy" or something like that. There's at least one of those a week on here (slight exaggeration)