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BetaFPV Whoop help! Can't bind

Hi all,

Trying to get into the whoop/fpv world and picked up a BetaFPV 75x 2s. I have a Spektrum DX6e transmitter and am totally at a loss getting this thing to communicate. When I plug in the whoop I get a solid green light and flashing (~1x/second) blue light plus what sounds like the ESCs arming but when I try to bind, no luck. Manual support from BetaFPV is pretty minimal. I put a question out to them on their facebook page but figured I'd try this, too since it's likely a day or two before I hear back. Thanks everyone!
Well crud. The guy at the store asked me about my TX and I told him - he seemed to think it would work, but maybe not. If I have time next week I'll take it in with my radio and see if he can get it to talk. Glad I hung on to the receipt, at least. Thanks for the heads up.


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The Beta75x 2s does support an External RX, so you could most definitely drop in a spektrum receiver and go along your merry way quite easily :)