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Bixler visits MesaRC FF


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Josh B. visits MesaRC. They have an awesome program that Josh checks out and then flys one of their sctatch builds. Looks like it may be a future FT episode in the works.



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More than just an episode . . .

They're working on something called FT Connections -- developing materials and resources for groups/teachers/clubs/individuals to use to turn a hobby we love into relationships that make us all better off than when we started. MESA RC is a great example of success in a school club -- they're trying to look at what those who have been successful have done and for ideas to start building what they need to equip anyone to have a good chance to repeat that in their own way.

We've got a fairly new section in the forum -- "Flite Test Connections" -- for discussions on ideas, methods and plans for moving this vison forward. Lee Kachner ("Willie G Nome" on the forum) is the the gentleman organizing the current efforts, and can use all the help he can get making this a reality. If you're interested or have ideas, wander on over there.
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Jake obviously does an amazing job with those kids! So glad FT went out to see the program. I have a feeling great things will soon be available to a school or community organization near you!