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BN Versa/Orange receiver issues


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I'm just completing a BNV using Spektrum DX6i and Orange 3 ch receiver and I am having problems with the receiver setup. I'm pretty sure it's something obvious I am missing.

When I setup the DX6i in aircraft mode and use elevon mixing I get the ailerons on the elevator stick and the elevator stick acts as ailerons... Maybe it is clearer to say that when I move the right stick left/right the elevons move together (like elevators) and when I move the right stick up/down they move as ailerons.

I have tried swapping the servos and it remains the same.

Any guesses as to what I have going on? Sorry in advance if this is really basic. I'm new.

Thanks for any help,



Flite is good
Reverse one servo in each of the channels till elevator moves two the same way and aileron moves them opposite. I believe that radio is programmable like that. Leave the elevon mixing on, only reverse the servo in the channel.

Hope that helps, sorry if it sounds sketchy.

Be safe and have fun,
yes, servo reversing is actually in the setup menu of the Dx6i, (push the scroll wheel to go into the adjust list, then roll the wheel all the way down to "setup list", push the wheel, then I believe it is 3 or 4 clicks down to the servo reverse menu.)


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I needed to reverse one of the channels AND swap one of the servos in the receiver. Kinda like a Rubix cube.

All better now