1. GliderFlyer

    OrangeRX overheating

    I just received the OrangeRX R410X receiver and tried to bind it to my DX6. When I plugged in a battery(lipo 2 cell), the receiver got hot in my hands. I unplugged it before anything else could happen, so thankfully the light still comes on whenever I plug it in (I tried again with a life 2...
  2. Marki Mark

    Battery indicator on Radio

    I bought a ORANGERX TX6I Radio with a ORANGERX R618XL 6CH receiver. I have yet to get to my maiden flight. But one thing I would really like on my plane is a module that transmits the battery voltage to my radio. I saw something about this on the radio and was wondering what the name is of such...
  3. R

    Inductric FPV+ With OrangeRX and Taranis -plus

    I can get the Inductrix to bind but I have no control over anything. I disabled the internal rf and am using external PPM. Anybody do this successfully yet? I am using the single blinking mode on the OrangeRX to bind. I think I am doing everything right and I have played with the PPM frame rate...
  4. L

    Orangerx T-six and headtracking?

    Hello I'm a somewhat newbie and I have a fatshark pan and tilt servo, skyzone v2 goggles and the orangerx T-six transmitter and orx r620x v2 reciever. And I cannot for the life of me figure out how to enable headtracking, if at all possible with this setup someone please help me !!
  5. P

    orange rx r615x (c)ppm problems

    I am using (c)ppm on my orange rx r615x and it will not power on or show the indicator led. I have it hooked up to a kiss fc with signal at the top and ground on the bottom with positive at the middle. Also, does the receiver automatically go into bind mode?
  6. T

    Buddy Boxing a OrangeRX T-SIX

    Hello guys! I am not much an introduction talker, so here's my first post, and it's a problem :) So, as I am a cheap and poor student, I couldn't affort a proper radio, so I bought a used a T-Six. Now I actually got a reaaly cheap second T-Six, and I want to buddybox those two to fly wiht my...
  7. D

    r615x help! Throttle stops working AFTER bind

    So, I bind the Rx to the Tx. After all the beeps I can use the controls and throttle as normal. Then, when I power down, remove the bind plug, and power back up, Everything but the Throttle works. Things I've tried: 1) rebinding (about 12 times) 2) setting throttle stick to 100% to...
  8. R

    Problem with orangerx 1W openlrs module

    Hi everyone. Ages ago I bought a orangeRX openlrs 1W module second hand. I had no idea what I was doing back then, so It got thrown into my box of parts for ages. Since then I've got good at fpv and wanting to give long range a shot. Pulled it out and tested it and it worked fine. I had no idea...
  9. 1

    New OrangeRx R620X V2 6Ch Sbus Receiver/ Maybe

    I cant get my V2 R620 to work with my DX6i. It will bind but on cleanflight receiver tab it does nothing. Using naze 32 with rx serial made and sbus serial recevier provider and the rx one uart2 on receiver is Sbus What should I do?:mad:
  10. Snarls

    Dual Module Range Issues - OrangeRX and Turnigy 9X Stock

    Hey guys if you remember last month I modded my Turnigy 9x to have both the external stock module and an internal OrangeRX DIY module. This issue now is that I am getting very poor range on both modules. With the stock I get around 80m through trees and with the OrangeRX I get around 60m through...
  11. Raptortech

    PPM, CPPM, S.Bus???? R620X problem with Pixhawk...

    So I have an R620X receiver. I bought it, bound it, and tested it with a servo. All good. Then, I went to connect it to my Pixhawk, and got nothing. The R620X is advertised and a CPPM receiver, which should work just fine with the Pixhawk, but I got nothing. Just to be sure it wasn't me being...
  12. Snarls

    OrangeRX DIY Module for Turnigy 9X

    Unfortunately I've been waiting four weeks now (actually 4) for the OrangeRX dsm2/dsmx module to come back in stock at HK. I'll be ready to start my mini quad build in about a week, but I will be unable to do anything with it until I upgrade my Turnigy 9X to spektrum protocol. Looking at the...
  13. G

    OrangeRx Receiver Problems

    I am new to RC, but plan to really try to get into it. My first investment into the hobby was an FT Racer. Bad choice? I'd say. I definitely should have either started by buying a RTF, or scratch building a simpler, easier-to-repair plane like the snowball or flyer. Anyway, I made a stupid...
  14. E

    Turnigy 9x/OrangeRx DSMX/DSM2 module with Nano QX

    Hi guyz, I am a beginner at RC. Ive got myself a Turnigy 9x mode 2 v2 with stock firmware. I want to know if there is a way to customize controls to fly a Nano QX. I have the OrangeRX DSM2 module and i can bind with the Nano QX just fine. But i am not able to figure out how to set up the...
  15. W

    OrangeRX T-SIX Single Stick (twist yaw)

    I made modified my ol' faithful T-SIX to be better suited to flying multirotors. :cool: The stick I used:
  16. D

    OrangeRX openlrs assistance needed

    I have been trying and trying to succeed with the openlrs for months now, and have random on and off successes and failures. I have bought 2 modules and 2 receivers, and at the moment I cannot get any combo to work, and I have run out of ideas or resources to move on. I get about as much range...
  17. D

    UHF in Urban Environments

    So I got the Orangerx openlrs 100mw rx and module a few weeks back. I uploaded the openlrsng firmware sucessfully. They worked perfectly for about 10 flights, until randomly they just stopped communicating. I had no servo control and every time I would plug the battery in the servos would start...