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Budget 250 Quad Carry Case

Wanted to share a very budget friendly option for a 250 quad carry case. I picked up this case at Harbor Freight for $30. It comes with egg crate foam for the lid, pick and pluck foam for the bottom, and a set of tool pockets that attach to the lid.


I was able to configure the pick and pluck foam to hold my quad (without props), transmitter and Fat Shark goggles plus there are four places for batteries.



I wanted to keep the tool pouches to store props, allen wrenches and and socket wrench for my prop nuts so I took a piece of foam board and glued the egg crate foam to it and cut a hinge. There are two metal tabs on the bottom edge of the lid to restrain the tool pouches. I hot glued the hinged foam board to those tabs so now I have the tool pouch separated from my other equipment and everything fits nice and snug.


This definitely isn't as rugged as a Pelican case or the like and I wouldn't trust it as a checked bag on a flight but for $30 it should do a good job of getting your basic gear to the flying field.

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Wow man, thanks so much. I knew I bought something like this back in the day. Any idea what the model number is on that case? I'd like to go get me about 3 of those.



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its a great way to protect your setup, while driving around etc.. may not work for airport.. but for 90 percent of everything else. i like it, ill be copying it for sure.

the only thing i may change is. maybe a few spots for battery's where you have the props.. and maybe a small charger for the batteries.. the imax ib3 80w job should fit perfect. its about 30.00 for that charger so good to have in case of emergency if you have a better charger already.. or maybe that is over kill.

thanks for sharing.

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Wow man, thanks. Didn't know it came with the egg crate. Looks Like without the transmitter it would hold with the props. But I think it's perfect the way you have it. :applause:


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Wow awesome build/suggestion. I'll definitely be looking out to pick one of those cases up soon. Especially considering its not just an aluminum box... it comes with padding!
Yeah, you could fit a quad with props if you didn't put the transmitter in too. I wanted an all in one solution; something easy to throw in the car and go. I also think this would make a great case for a ground station with a monitor mounted in the lid. I might explore that next.


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that be great idea. ground station in one hand, ready to fly in the other. seems sorta logical to have both options available if you can. since not everyone can look in the goggles. its to bad fpv goggles are so expensive. not sure why, i guess because they know people will pay i guess.



i missed the 4 spots for battery's. that is quite a few. :p but i guess you would configure the battery spots on how many you use in your average flying.

also, if you setup the fpv ground station.. you could fill in the other bits you may want but no room.. for longer flying, special needs etc. two cases sure open up lots of options and keeps it all neat and tidy.
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Thanks, man. I was looking for something like this.

The only thing I would caution is not to store lipos in the case with the copter. I seem to remember a post where a lipo shorted out and caught fire in the case and destroyed the contents.

Gonna get 3 of these and am still looking for slightly larger for the mini-hex. Thanks for the link!


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for $30 this is an awesome solution, and I'm definitely considering it. I was thinking of having battlefoam (they do laser cut foam for nerd miniature war gaming models) custom cut something for the tri, and use one of their soft bags... but definitely not as economical as this.


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so it would be safer to have a roll up type bag for lipos, that makes sense and still would be portable. Im thinking like what really good chef knifes come in, a roll up leather/cloth towel type thing. not sure what one would call that.