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Building my first Multirotor-Hobbyking Super-H 600.


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do you mean auto level or did you use a laptop to put in target points. man it looks so cold.. its raining and 60s here and im freezing.



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Well, I am still flying successfully. My quad has far exceeded my expectations. Some upgrades I've done are:

1. Added Optical Flow Sensor (Not activated in 3.2 APM firmware unfortunately.) :(
2. Added Left hand Circular polarization antennas for FPV
3. More batteries for extended flight times.

The weather is finally warming up, and I've been out quite a bit! Below are some of my logs:

Frozen Lake Flying
Local Park Flying

Thanks everyone for all your good advice and for following along!


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Hey Jipp, sorry I missed your post. I mean putting in waypoints on my windows tablet, and sending them to the quadcopter inflight via telemetry. Then just flipping the switch on my RC transmitter to auto flight mode and watch my aircraft fly all by itself. :) It's pretty sweet!


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Hey ExperimentalRC, sorry I missed your post. There are actually 2 small screws on the gimbal controller that I have adjusted and it seems to help. What really helped a lot was changing out the wires from the camera to silicon wires. No vibration transference and the videos are better than ever. I think the Gimbal was fighting a lot of the resistance caused by the stiffer wires, which caused the motors to "shake", which in turned caused the jello. Now it's really clear. I'll be posting some videos as soon as I can take the grin off my face and get to work on it! :)