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Bushhawk RC Looking for Beta Builders


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Hey guys, BushHawk RC is looking for beta builders for various planes.
Please look through the list below, and pm me with the ones you want to beta test for me 😁. I would really appreciate it.

Piper Cherokee Arrow: Wingspan 822mm
Length: 613mm
Weight: 400- 600 grams
Flying Characteristics: Scale, Sport Power pack F or B

EXTRA 260 Profile Plane, SKINS included!!
Wingspan 730mm
Length 986mm
Weight 200-350 Grams
Flying Characteristics 3D Indoor/Outdoor

BushHawk RC Sticky Trainer: 27" wingspan, 1806-2205 2200kv Motor
2x 5-9 gram servos
850-1100 2-3s Battery
5030-6045 prop

SU-57 profile Jet, F power pack, and 2 x servos. SKINS ARE INCLUDED TOO🎉

Lazer 230z, profile 3d plane
motor 2205-2212,
6-8' prop,
wingspan 90cm.

Glasair II
1.1 m wingspan
Battery: 2200mah 3s
Flight style: Sport

Heinkel HE-1
1.2 m wingspan
Battery: 2200mah 3s
Flight style: scale/gentle

Regards Matthew du Preez.
various other plans will also be being released in the near future.
incl a full fuse Extra NG (by request of @penguin power65


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OOh! Can I beta tes......... wait i dont have foamboard and I already am a beta builder. *Pssst join his discord its really fun*