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Can't find the right prop adapter

I'm building a balsa kit, and I ran into an issue. The manual calls for a 3" spinner, so I got the hangar 9 P-51 style aluminum spinner. I also got the power 60 470kv motor from eflite, but I cannot seem to find the prop adapter I need. The one that came with the motor isn't long enough for my master airscrew nylon prop and doesn't have threads for the spinner. I looked all over horizon hobby and can't find what I need, and when talking with them directly they can't find anything either. Any help?
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That's what I was afraid of. Now, I'm not the most experienced guy when it comes to this stuff, but I've never had much luck getting a good setup with that type of motor. I try to find motors that come with a threaded shaft or something I can screw an actual hub on. Look at the end of the bell of your motor. It does look like it has some screw holes in it, maybe something like this could work:


not sure that will help you with the spinner, but might get the prop on the motor at least...
Okay thank you! If I do an adapter that screws directly into the bell, what do I do with the shaft? Also, noob question here, but do spinners all use the same thread pattern to bolt into the adapter, or are they different?