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Change metal antenna on Futaba T7CAP 72 Mhz Radio???

Hello everybody,

first of all, I just joined the forum and this place is amazing!!! Lots of information everywhere, specially from this great show! =)!

So, here is my question: I need to change/replace the metal antenna of my 72Mhz Futaba transmitter (model T7CAP) since it is pretty bad and almost broken. I searched online and on many forums but I cannot find any place where to buy them. Does anybody know where you can find these antennas for 72mhz radios? or, can I just user another metal antenna from another 72mhz (pretty cheap) transmitter I got from a kit I bought a while ago?

Thanks everybody for your help!!! Have a good rest of the weekend,


Dedicated foam bender
Welcome, brother!

If the threads match, and they are the same length, (they should be)you can use it with no issues. My only concern is that the cheap radios usually have cheap antenna's, so longevity will be an issue. It should buy you some time to find a direct replacement, if nothing else.