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Cheap, Simple & Quick Landing Legs


Misfit Multirotor Monkey
Came up with a really effective landing strut or leg on a low budget quad.

I took about 8 inches of a large 3/8" wide heavy-duty nylon tie, drill a small hole on the ends, take some insta-morph (much thanks to Chad for turning me on to it) and press it thru the hole for a mechanical lock and make a small hook or catch as shown below. (epoxy nor CA bind all that well to nylon) Then take two small eighth inch ties and VERY tightly bind both ends of the larger tie to the boom to provide a very stiff "U" shape.

If it's a carbon or aluminum boom, you may have to use two ties on each end dealing with lower static friction. And this probably doesn't work well with round booms. But it's very light and works great with a square wood boom.

(nylon zip ties and insta-morph are amazing inventions) :D

* * * * * * * * *
On hard impact the large tie slips out from the two small ties and absorb the impact as illustrated below. I then simply pull each hook tight against the tie again and it's ready to go. This slippage is the result of a moderately hard landing. It even keeps a record of the energy it absorbed. ;)