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CleanFlight - Naze 32 - RaceStar 20A ESC on FPV Racer

Hey Folks!

Okay I have been building this FPV Racer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Avp8MurmeEY&t

I have it built but have a potential issue.

When O go into Cleanflight > Motors everything spins perfectly.

However, when I just plug in a battery and test it with the transmitter, 1-2 of the motors sporadically stop as I lower the throttle or 1 does not spin up as I push the throttle up from 0.

Could this be a setting in Cleanflight for the ESC? (Racestar 20A 4x1 ESC - Set as Oneshot in Clean Flight)?

Please help, I would REALLY like to test this FPV Racer out this weekend

Thanks in Advance!

- wbdallas!