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Colorado Springs Flyers!

I have not seen much around this area of Colorado, and if anyone knows of a flying club in close proximity to Monument/Colorado Springs area, please reply, and if not, maybe we can organize some meet-ups. I know of 1-2 parks around me that are large enough, with fields that can be reserved. Thanks for any help!


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Welcome to the forum!

Are you new to the area? What part of town are you in?

Here is the link to a meetup Group. They are a really cool group of guys that recently started a club. Their flying field is 15 miles East of town. I have not joined yet, but I'm seriously considering it.

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Thanks a lot Jaxx! I looked at the site. I'm interested in going out there this weekend. Looks nice and close to.
What part of town are you in? A few of the guys may be flying at an open field on the East side of town tomorrow.
I usually fly at me house, but I will not be able to fly anything very big around here. I have flown at Fox Run Park and I enjoy that a lot more then around houses. I have heard Red Rocks is fun place to fly also.