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Pumpkin drop event

Combat Rules


Drinker of coffee, Maker of things
I have never done combat before and after watching the flitefest 2015 recap i had some questions about the rules. I know in the video Josh mentions that you are allowed to change your battery.

What are the rules at flitefest and/or other places? Does it matter what parts/materials you use?
It seems "informal" combat rules are generally made up by the hosting entity/club/group - whoever plans & hosts the event gets to create the rules.

If you're interested "formal" combat events & rules, check out the RC Combat Association page, http://rccombat.com/


WOT and going nowhere
Battery changing isn't really an 'accepted' thing to do, but the champ did it under the radar. It's no fun if you can keep flying forever. Fred made several comments like 'don't win because the big guy ran out of battery', etc. during the combats, so I'd say battery changing on the bigger planes is a no- no.

Aside from that, I'd say anything goes. I'd say just don't put any sharp sticks on your leading edge and you'll be fine.