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Conversion of electronics


Junior Member
Hi, I have what seems to be a fairly complicated question for me, but might be pretty simple, about taking the electronics from one plane I have and putting them in a FT swappable kit. I bought a Parkzone Radian a couple of months ago and have wrecked it and tried fixing it, but it has just been one big headache. I was wondering if I could take the electronics out of it and change them to a FT Old Fogey or Old Speedster. My dad was thinking about getting into the hobby and I thought this could be a good way to get him into the hobby and a good way to improve his and my own building skills.
These are the electronics for my Radian:

30A brushless ESC
480 size 960Kv
1300 mAh 3s Lipo
2 Parkzone Mini servos

If anyone could please direct me into what I could try to put my Radian's electronics into that's a 3-channel and very beginner friendly that'd be great. Thanks.
Yeah, you'll need a prop suited to your motor. If you still have the radian prop, that's a good place to start. If not, finding something that's close in diameter and pitch shouldn't be too difficult.


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Being that the recommended motor is a 1100Kv, compared to my 960Kv, would I need to find a different prop or how would that work?
The original folding prop is the best you can get. It will save you many problems with cheap broken props to replace.