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Creative uses for Multirotors

id like to see David, Chad and Josh come up with some creative uses for Multi-rotor platforms. other than the scanning fenceline or towers.

Picking things up
Aerial Drops
Herding animals
filming things other than rc craft

just a few of the more obvious ideas that came to mind. takes creative minds to push limits in a hobby and see what is Doable. Im looking forward to building my first multirotor when funds are available see what kind of fun i can have with it
youtube recommended a video of that for me earlier. some sort of quad with Poolnoodle floats catching a 4" sunfish.

itd be cool to chase Catfish on jugs with fpv haha. theyd probably pull the multirotor under water though


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Epic I'm reading your vib, I had an idea based on jake wells design but called "fishing copter"
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