Custom GIANT multirotor - 25lbs payload, 20 minutes flight


Gravity Tester
Wow this build is sick, I've been following it and I can't wait to see the shots this machine will get. Kinda jealous because I'm just a guy with a GoPro gimbal and a DIY quad, but then again I would be way to scared to fly so much expensive equipment...altough if it wasn't my money things might change :p

which resulted in the copter just taking off for the moon, oscillating wildly, the second the throttle left zero. I cut throttle and it fell from about 30 feet and landed on my Mobius and destroyed it.

I was tuning Luxfloat and when I set the P gain just a tad high the quad shot up into the air, did an involuntary roll, and came down for a perfect landing. Needless to say I dialed the P gain way down after that.