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Delayed Packing and Shipping

Hi everyone,

I don't want to create a negative vibe on this forum regarding HK, but am I the only one experiencing a delay in orders being packed and shipped.

I placed an order last week Saturday for a few spares to finish my new extra 300 sctrach build, and today is Friday ( 6 days later) and my order has not been packed yet. I have contacted online support and the reply was that they would give it priority, but no results yet.

Funny enough, I place another order 3 days after that one, and behold I got a mail today that says that it has been packaged....weird, the first order went into the system first...

Two and a half weeks ago I ordered a 450 Bare Bone kit from another site (won'tmention any names), it was only $8.99 and the shipping was $12.85, and guess what? That order was shipped hte day after and it already arrived here in South Africa after only two weeks via Swiss Post...

HK's range of products and price makes them unbeatable, but looking at shipping times I would have to consider alternatives :(
I just had the same experience;

I ordered by Feb 8th, and only yesterday 16th the order was printed and started to process ... so my order sats there for a week before they even started to look into it ....

whats going on in HK, Are they out of printer paper ??
I have always had delays

Order placed Feb 4!

BSKT255 JIT SCAN OUT @Feb 11 2012 12:35PM
BSKT255 JIT SCAN OUT @Feb 11 2012 12:35PM
JIT Picked in BackWarehouse @Feb 13 2012 2:45PM
JIT In Transit to FrontWarehouse @Feb 13 2012 2:47PM
BOX255 JIT OFF TRUCK @Feb 15 2012 9:21AM

*JIT-Item (this item takes 3-5 days to dispatch)

That is 11 days for the order to leave their building!
So what happens between feb4 and feb11 when all items are in stock?
Thats normal for HK in this time of the year. They had the Chinese New Year till the start of February in which time they do not work. Because of that they have many orders waiting on the stack as most people kept ordering. Because of that you'll have to wait some days till they are shipping it out. My last order needed 5 working days before it went out. That was without a JIT-Item. A JIT-Item will at least add one more day. The order I made in the CNY (Chinese New Year) needed some weeks.
Look at it in a positive way. You can't fly all your things to deaths and are saving money because of that :). And the weather in the northern hemisphere is bad anyway ;) (yeah I know not all people are from there).
ive got about 4 orders im waiting on from them...the first made the 29th of jan and it didnt show shiped till the 10th and didnt leave hong kong till the 14th.....expect 10 days for them to process your orders and get them out the door and another 5 days to leave hong kong......my second order was placed on the 2nd of feb and didnt leave hong kong till the 19th......go figure i sent in a support ticket that hung in limbo for a week till they sent my orders then decided to answer my ticket saying it shiped.....thats the diffrence between chinese and americans we would get fired for dumb stuff like that....hate incompitance.;.....
on the brighter side they got a really awasome selection at unbeatable prices if your willing to wait a month or so for your items : )
Well yes, that's the only thing that makes me go back to HK is their price, quality and range.

After 9 days my package was shipped, but the Chinese New Year story makes sense.

Note to self "Do not order anything from HK in the month of February"...


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sometimes I wait a week or more for them to box up and send a package even if it doesnt have any JIT items. I placed my first order in quite a while on the afternoon of the 21st, after I placed it I was kicking myself for not adding a few consumable items (plugs, wire, shrink tube etc.) so I contacted live help that evening and added 6-7 items, I was very suprised to see that it had shipped and tracking info made available last night (23rd). thats the fastest I have seen a package go through the system.


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The issue can also be found at the US Warehouse. 10 days and still waiting. Everything is in stock.
I have all my pieces for FPV...just waiting on the Bixler to arrive.


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Well, I'm impressed and not impressed at the same time... An order I placed on Saturday has been printed already! Which is good, 'cos it's an EMS order (only $6 more than standard shipping for <1kg package).

Not impressed because my wife ordered a plane for my birthday 2.5 weeks ago, and it still hasn't been printed!!! Chances of it arriving by the 18th are zero to none. Order will likely be cancelled :( And I don't even know what it is!


I like big leccy planes
My packages have taken ~3 weeks overall to get from HK to me, usually it takes ~2 weeks so I'm not that bothered...