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Delayed Packing and Shipping


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Placed last order and it took 14 days to ship which I received yesterday. I also placed an order from a different Hong Kong company which shipped within hours at the same time that's still not here.
Still very much happy with Hobby King and they have yet to ship an incorrect item in two years to me.
Still curious though why it costs more to ship from the USA to Canada than China to Canada.
I would love to get my orders shipped from Washington State to British Columbia but dang....$35.00 shipping for a $10.00 Lipo??


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they use swiss post when you buy lipo's they are the only carrier that sill ship lipo's via air.

I always use the cheapest shipping option available and always get my stuff in a timely manor, very happy with the shipping speed.

one of my last HK purchases was done on the Feb 21, and shipped Feb 23, tracking says it's getting close, i'm expecting to have it by tomarow.
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Yeah, I think they've caught up. Put an order in for various bits and pieces last night, was printed today. Hopefully shipped by tomorrow.

Also, I've noticed Hobbyking's ebay orders get utmost priority. I've had orders packed and shipped same day! That's 5 stars for postage! I've also found that batteries ordered on there get sent Hong Kong Post instead of Swiss. Now all Hobbyking need to do to make me happy is refill the Aus warehouse!


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Nope. I've never had anything take more than a day through customs. Likely it's Swiss Post (lipos?), which is notoriously slow, as it goes to Zurich, has to pass through Swiss customs, then makes the trip to Australian and goes through Australian customs. You'll just need to pull out a bit of extra patience.

If it's Hong Kong or Singapore Post, I'd ask Hobbyking to lodge an inquiry with them as it has taken a lot longer than usual.