DH2 FE8 Monoplane nimble


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Remember the WW1 biplane pushers...
There's just something about pushers just grabs me.

Made plans to build one years ago

I've built things before, they've gone ohhhhh so wrong

Now with something complex like this, you've got to have good inspectors to maintain quality control, here's Tabby looking at the proportions and lines

Spitfire wing 9.7 oz

Spitfire power pod 16.3 oz

Guessing wing with wood spars 12 oz

This could come out to 36 oz

Tested pwr system at least 55 oz 2217 950kv apc 10x6

What helps is previously built components
Spitfire Wing 9.7 oz here could be 16 oz
Pwr system 16 oz and 59 oz thrust

This is a previous build 16.75 oz empty, 48" WS similar chord

After looking at weights, I'm going to add the tail on glass wood build and see how it goes


  • FE8 -- WS 54 inch 9.25 inch chord -- 20 inch Fuse --  big tail 1.jpg
    FE8 -- WS 54 inch 9.25 inch chord -- 20 inch Fuse -- big tail 1.jpg
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  • DH2 FE8 rib plan 3 - #s crop 1.jpg
    DH2 FE8 rib plan 3 - #s crop 1.jpg
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These programs with rulers really help to look at proportions and model something, see if it's right.

I put the two arrow shafts in position and the larger 4008 multirotor motor 850kv clears nicely with a 12x8 prop


  • DH2 FE8 cutout back 2 tail measures 1 cropped.jpg
    DH2 FE8 cutout back 2 tail measures 1 cropped.jpg
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These 2 frames 7.3 oz glued together with 10 degree splices. Similar to how I did the Spitfire wing, I'll put some front and back rib pieces.

Sorry it's looking a little heavy

This frame and couple wood cockpit supports be all that's wood and first trying the spitfire pod with suppo 2217. I can switch to 4008 850kv with 12 inch props if needed

This is the foamboard plan, might come out lighter than the fiberglass thing

But I sure think that spitfire will be best plane to fly

Thank yall Telnar n Danskis


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