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Discord group


Cardboard Boy
For those who don't know, Discord is a bit like skype but better in many ways (and it wants to replace it even)
It is pretty convenient to use when there are a lot of peoples so I thought it would be a good idea to have one to talk about all sorts of rc stuff.
You can get it here

And the link to join the group is here

I hope many peoples will join, it will be more convenient than opening a lot of topics on the forum for stuff that can be solved easily and it will be nice to just talk about stuff too.

(maybe sticky it?)


Monkey/Bear Poker
Fluburtur, how long have you been using this service?

Looks interesting, but I have never used or heard of it before. Is it secure?

I don't see it, but is it just voice, or is there an option for video chat as well?

Maybe something I suggest to the guys on the FT Community Podcast to record our shows with depending on audio quality.

Thanks, Mike Finley


Cardboard Boy
Only voice for now, it's a bit like a mix of skype and teamspeak in fact.

I have been using it for a few months now and it is secure, sound quality is also much better than skype (no white noise all the time)

There is also the option to make multiple text/voice channels, with different levels of autorisations to get access to them.

It is really quick to install so I suggest you install it and join so you see for yourself, it's pretty quick to get used to it.


Wake up! Time to fly!
Some gamer friends of mine have been asking me to get this and come play cards against humanity on it while they all get drunk on weekends. According to him its been behaving well for them. I have not heard anything on quality just that its easy to use and works reliably.
Discord works great, easier to learn than TS and not as intrusive as Skype. (I'm an MCT(Microsoft Certified Trainer) so I tend to shy away from Skype.) Skype for business is a different matter, but not the same thing.