does anyone actually follow regulations?


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It's a really easy test. You can take it for free here:
It's registration so they know where YOU are. Has nothing to do with the people doing the violations which have no real world data for problems. The problems they ARE getting out of the way early is the guarantee that Walmart and Google have free access to the airspace under 500 feet to fly their delivery drones anywhere they want insuring another, easy pickins place for the underclass to go and steal from, just not in their stores.
I mean, you can TRUST the government to take care of the problem just like we TRUST the government who in the last three years has made TWO funded offices to come after law abiding gun owners, even executing one last week for having the audacity of selling a gun to buy a different one, privately, you know like private property, so the killed him to set an example. The ATF has no plans to roll into big metropolitan communities to crack down on all those illegal Glock Switches, drive by shootings and gang violence centers that make the majority of the Gun violence statistics they use to justify their actions, tax all of us more and then fund offices dedicated to stripping you of your freedoms. With such a long history of a successful tactic, you didn't think it would take long to go after model airplanes. Can't wait till they go after golf and baseball.
Sorry, in a very anti government mood today. Especially when they decide to attack a problem that never really existed.

By the way, Free Flight and Control Line are unaffected by these and you don't have to do any of the registration, module whatever.


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As I predicted a long time ago, my home field and every site I attend RC events at in three states are now FRIAs. My flying of larger models is exactly as it always has been, except for having added my FAA registration in 1/8” high letters on the bottom of my models in an out of the way place.

Most of my local neighborhood flying at a field next to a high school has always been smaller models under 250g. I do have a small handful of models in the 8.8oz to 2-3lb range that get flown at this field as well. For those, I purchased a Drongtag BS unit that weighs in at 5-6 gr, with battery.