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Don't be shy!


Helicopter addict
Here's one too! I live in Colorado at the moment though. My name is Stefan, and if you have an American accent, you pronounce it as "stay-fun" :rolleyes:


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Haha, good to see some fellow countrymen here :applause: :D

What/where do you guys fly?

I haven't flown since my previous plane was destroyed beyond repair over two years ago. I have a new Easystar 2 nearly ready to fly but I haven't found a good place to fly yet. That and the fact that having an 8 month old son takes most of my free time :D


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another dutchie here :)

pretty new to the hobby... flying for less than a week, but my hobbyzone champ is still flying even though it's pretty fagile :)


Helicopter addict
What/where do you guys fly?
Lol, I fly here in Denver, close to the Rocky Mountains. Pretty good weather here compared to NL :rolleyes:

As you would probably guess, I fly mainly helicopters: trex 250 450, 550, Goblin 700. I've got a couple of planes: FT flyer (graveyard), bloody wonder, BW with symmetrical wing&rudder, and lately the Sukhoi 29mm. Oh and the HK walrus (glider), too. Finally I've got some crazy stuff with my modified auto-g from HK, and the LaHeli Rotorshape.


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Hey fellow countryman,
Another dutchie here. Gelderland.
Vlieg tegenwoordig vooral FPV en bouw liefst zelf scratch (2 maal Ft spitfire en 1 maal B25 lookalike


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Zo, ook een Belg kan hier zijn woordje NL plaatsen...
We all speak the same language in The Netherlands and northern part of Belgium
Greetz, Erwin
Wonder 2x
Mentor Multiplex


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Hi guys!!

I'm a Italian guy and just moved to the Netherlans 2 months ago, I currently live in Hilversum.
I don't know anyone apart from co-workers around here. I just got shipped my rc-stuff and will be building
a depron F22 soon!!

I would really enjoy to meet some pilots and fly together!! :)

Do you fly in winter too??

dutchie here! gelderland to be exact. i used to fly at the nimbus rc field, but due to not having certificates etc, I am no longer allowed to fly there. my fleet: freeflight-to-electric converted piper cub, amphibious plane and a dromida kodo. and i am planning on building a tricopter. (thanks david ;) )
Gelderland Doesburg Dieren area,
But a real newbie to flying.
i just recenty bought an RC plane and controller.
Spektrum DX6I, multiplex fun cub.

If there is anyone who lives in the same area that wants to help me and have fun flying, let me know!
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