Dragonfly electro hub build/help/i think im going crazy


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Im new to building and i like a bit of a challenge so i figure i would go with the dragonfly. I thought this was going to be easy but its not im way over my head. Im going to buy the dragonfly electro hub kit and the power pack D aslo the Naze (acro) 32 FC and servo need for the tuff tilt. Seems simple to me at first "all i need is the battery..." and to be honest its driving me crazy and i havent even started building yet in fact i havent even ordered anything yet!

Right now im stick on the battery. I have a 3000mah 3c 20c lipo and was wondering with that work with what i have.

Power pack D
Pack Includes:

(2) Motors - Emax 2213-935kv (CW Threaded Shaft)
(3) Motors - Emax 2213-935kv (CCW Threaded Shaft)
(5) ESCs - BL Heli 20 amp
(5) Propellors - 10x4.5 CW
(5) Propellors - 10x4.5 CCW
(2) Y-Leads
(1) Battery Lead - XT60
(1) FT Allen Driver
(1) FT Screwdriver
(1) Custom Flite Test Lipo Bag (8"x10")

Any tips or advice would be great!
im new to building and im learning but its hard for me to understand when i do research on things and i could use a helping hand at this point lol. 3 weeks of going crazy and i havent even started to build.

And i will probably go crazy again when the time comes lol
This electronics package is rated for a 3s battery. It will also handle a 4s set up although it is recommended to use smaller props. (8045 props). The dragonfly will handle a 3000 battery with no problem. I fly mine with a 3000 4s. I also occasionally fly with a 5200 4s Multistar.