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Duet or the Champ RTF for first plane?

champ is a demon its so tail heavy i just got the duet 4 weeks ago because i dont have enough money to by a 3D airplane and it was
amazing the yaw really helps
Just to update anyone that was wondering I ended up going with the swappable choice. I really liked the thought of scratch building so this was a big plus. For the transmitter I went with the DX5e. I didn't really want to go with a spectrum because of the price but horizon hobby had way better shipping prices so whether I was going to get a cheap transmitter from hobbyking or the DX5e the price was about the same. From the research I have done I think next time I will go with a Turnigy 9x or 9xr. I have already ordered the electronics for the FT Flyer. The scratch build was very easy thanks to the Flite Test plans. One of the other major reasons I went with the swappables is that I am a little tight on money so being able to switch out the power pod sounded amazing. Thank you all for your input.


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You'll be good for a while with the DX5e. I got one with my simulator and I like to use it for the Fogey, Speedster, Nutball, etc. It's so quick to set up for various planes, flip the switches as needed for the servo directions and you're off. It'll hold you until you're ready to lay on the speed, then you'll be wanting a programmable radio. OrangeRx are good receivers for that Tx, I have been testing the LemonRx receivers as well and haven't had a hiccup yet, either way, 6 channels for about $5 a pop.

Good on you for going the scratchbuild route, I started with the Stratos and champ and a couple of Parkzone ultras and, while that was fun, it was nothing like the elation when my first scratchbuild went into the air. (Old Fogey) That feeling on a maiden doesn't seem to go away either. I can still feel the crisp cool air of that afternoon.

I have the Turnigy 9X and 9XR on the way to play with but I think my new main radio will be the Taranis, I made it in when HK had it in stock for an hour a couple of weeks back. Good thing is whichever I like best the others will sell well on Ebay.
Wow thanks for the information about the Lemon RX that is very nice to know. I am excited to get my parts in for the FT Flyer. I really hope to be able to work up to the Viggen. The plane looked so cool in Flite Test's latest episode. From the looks of your video the Old Fogey is now on my list. Great flying by the way.


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No problem, I, so far, like them, they're lighter than Orange, though less protected. I enjoy the Flyer still, it'll roll, turn on a dime, and high Alpha so slow you can walk with it. Get your coming and going orientation right with the flyer (that's the hardest part of starting) then try the FT22, get comfortable with that and the Viggen should be a breeze. I can't say that for certain, but I'll know by this weekend.
Awesome thank you. The FT 22 looks really cool. I just wasn't sure what skill level I would need to fly it. Now that I do I am really excited to get it. I did order one of the orange receivers but the lemon ones do look like they would be better for my use. Thank you for all of the help.

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Another Duet owner here. It's a nice little plane, very light and smaller than you'd think from looking at the pictures. My LHS had them so I picked up an additional battery (45c vs. the 25c that comes with) and I'm not sure if it's the difference in C rating or the little extra weight but the plane flies better with the 45c battery. I put about 20 flights on in the first week I had it and went out the next weekend for a Delta Ray (Apprentice was out of stock).

The Duet is a great little plane, but even as a beginner, I immediately found myself wishing it was bigger and heavier so the wind doesn't screw with it as much. I will say the Delta Ray needs a lot more room, it's too large for my field so I have to fly it at the local club.

Both are good starting points, though the Delta Ray is likely to pose a healthy challenge for a while longer than the Duet.
I'm just checking in on this thread to see how you got on brother? I think you have a good setup there, Spektrum are well supported with cheap aftermarket receivers and I have never found a reason to use anything other than DSM2 so far. The Swappables would be too light to fly where I do with all the wind, but I hope you have a better weather system at your flying site! Have you found someone to teach you yet?

I'm a bit like Josh Scott, in that I have been learning for ages, In the UK you are supposed to do a little test called your A Certificate before you can fly solo. This week has been a big step for me. I took a week leave from work, but I still had to stay home because I'm waiting for something. So I have been popping over to the flying field during mid week when all the old retired guys fly, I have learned so much from them all, the atmosphere is much more relaxed and they actually trust me to just get on and fly. It's been great.

Here's a bit of a boring flight video, at the end you can see I am lined up to the landing strip, but get blown over to the left. I level the wings, but completely lost sight of the fact that I was now doing a good landing approach, but over a field and not the strip! You can see the result.

Enjoy all of the hobby bro!
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I have got all of my parts in but found out i needed bullet connectors and the other end for my battery. I live in a small town so I can't just go out and get them. I am going to place an order with Horizon Hobby to get them in quicker.
I'm brand new to the hobby as well, I'm planning on buying the Champ, but use it as an Park Plane.

Is there any other plane that is good for a beginner like me, and around the same cost, but is able to handle an slight breeze on a weekend flight?

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+1 on the duet
I saw it fly today and it was so slow and easy, just great for a beginner. Both spinners had been knocked off but that didn't bother it's flying. I don't know about availability of parts for it, but cheap enough to be able to buy a second one if broke to badly.
I got a Champ a few years ago and I really loved that little plane. It was a nice easy flier that took a beating but was easy to fix. I used to fly it in my back yard and let my Lab chase it. ...which is why it no longer flies. I'd recommend it.
I have both the Champ and the Duet, both airframes are pretty much shot... However, I have an extra motor and plenty of props for the Champ, I had a massive brainfart and decided to scratch build a mini-twin engine... I was wondering if it would be possible to use the two Champ motors and hook them up to the board from the Duet, so that I can still use the differential thrust. Just a brain fart like I said, I just wanted to ask a community that is a lot more knowledgeable about this than I am.