Eachine X220 with GR-18 and MZ-12


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I bought a Eachine X220 ARTF, and thought that it would be easy to just connect it to my Graupner gr-18 and use my Graupner mz-12. But i cant find a way to get it to work. I have set the receiver to use SUMD from ch6 and them connected the x220 to this channel. I also have tried many different settings in betafligt, but nothing seems works. It seems like there is no connection between the RX and the Naze in the drone. I hope that some of you know a little more than my about this, and can help me out.
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Joshua Bardwell (also on this forum) does a great job of explaining how to set this ARF for SBUS. In short, the quad comes with the RX connector connected to the PPM input on the SPF3 board, and you will need to move the connector to the other UART/port and configure betaflight (or upgrade to latest, and configure) for UART3 to be a serial RX port, and SBUS:



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Thank you.
I finally got some connection between the Naze, RX and TX, but still there is a problem. Only two channels is transmittet. I cant get any of the gimbals to work.