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Eastern Pennsylvania

Lehigh Valley here.....new to the forum, but not to the hobby. I'm not a sport flyer but would be fun to use my drone and camera gimbal to film other people flying.
This Saturday, March 12th, is the big swap meet in Lebanon, PA. Be there or miss out on some great deals! I will try to find a link to save you guys some time.


Bought Another Trailer
Staff member
Don't forget about FT Groups. You can look up other members by location, and also check for events wherever you are.
Hi, I'm in Southeastern PA in Lower Bucks County and new to building and flying RC. Been following Flite Test for a while and I caught the bug - Right now I've been learning to fly with an Inductrix and I have a Gremblin on the way. Also working on DIY drone.
Exton, PA. If you're on Facebook...

Come support our Freedom to fly OVER property on this 4th of July weekend! Aren't we celebrating Freedom? We are launching with permission on adjacent land. I'm not allowed to fly here at all due to HOA rules. Our local pilots need your support to educate the public with a mini-documentary being filmed on Saturday.