Eclipson Model A (free version)


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I can approve it works as a glider if printed in LW-PLA, also i made and printed a nose cone using TPU. In my case i got the CG right with a 6g Nose, Battery is a 5 Cell AAA Eneloop in the front, and i do not need any additional Ballast.

I have uploaded the nosecone to Thingiverse in case somebody needs it:


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Hola Buenas tardes... La verdad que estoy hace mucho tiempo con ganas de imprimir este avion.. pero mi impresora no imprimia como corresponde.. me cuesta mucho imprimir bien.. Hasta que prove con los GCODE.. IMPRIME PERFCTO.. Me podrian pasar los paramertros que usaron y que programa usan para hacer el Slice... Desde ya muchas Gracias--- Saludos desde ARGENTINA


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What is wrong with the Fus1.stl and Fus1_intake.stl?
Both seem to be a bit tilted.
Already printed one and noticed that just now...


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I'm just building this plane as a hanger queen using PLA. I hate using CA glues and am thinking of using hot met adhesive. Any one have any experience with hot melt or have other adhesive recommendations?


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With PLA, you are already going to be on the heavy side... Lots of hot melt glue is just going to make that worse.

Also, you might get away with a smaller (cooler) glue gun... but one of the big industrial types will melt the pla I suspect.


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I am currently printing the fuselage in pla.

Has anyone tried using an foam wing on it. Lets say a tiny trainer wing? Stretched a bit maybe.

It will save some weight.....
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