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Judge me by my age?
Does anyone have an idea of an edf unit, esc, and battery that would be powerful enough to pull me on a skateboard (the all up weight with me on the skate board is about 115 pounds)? I don't know if I should use a 70mm or a 90mm. Maybe even two 70mm ones. My idea is to make an edf jet powered skateboard that I can ride on and can go fairly fast speeds. Does anyone have a suggestion?
How deep are your pockets? Edfs that are worth while (poor quality ones produce no thrust) above 70mm get very expensive.

You can get a fairly good 62mm edf for about 35-40 gbp that will produce just over 1kg of thrust at about 70 amps on a 4s.

I imagine you will want more thrust than that though. As you go bigger with the power the cost will increase dramatically. Look at the hacksmith on YouTube. He is trying to make a flying suit using edfs and has a few videos on testing.

I would expect you would need to run it on 6s