electrohub, bendy props or tuning issue?


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Hi everyone. I've got a electrohub and so far it's been great. However recently It's been dipping on the front right motor when under high power. When I slam the throttle, it's almost like it wants to roll over until I back off. I'm not sure weather it's always done this, because I've only just got good enough to start loading on the throttle

I'm using kk2 FC, and gemfan 9x4.7 props.

I'm wondering weather this is an issue with the props bending and therefore giving uneven lift, or weather this is a issue in my tune?

Thanks everyone. Do you have any idea what might be causing this?


1st - try a good battery, perhaps the battery you are using just can't perform as well anymore
then I would
Replace all props and try again, if it does it again then either a gain setting or that motor is not getting the power it needs, perhaps the battery is not capable of providing that power.


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Yea, could well be the battery,they are turnigy 2200 3s 20-30C. I've had it for about a year now, and it was second hand. So god knows how many cycles it's done. Slight problem getting batteries into my country, it's expensive as not many places are shipping them any more. Will need to save a bit and then do a bulk order with someone form my club before it's worth it.

Might throw on my heavy rc car lipo and see how it does, if it can lift it.


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Another option could be a damaged motor...You can also try swapping motors around and see if the problem follows the motor, but I would try that after recalibrating the ESCs and changing the props.


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Thanks everyone! I have sorted it for the most part. I noticed that on on the bullets on the corner that was dipping was more loose than the others. I replaced it and it improved it significantly. ESC calibration was also slightly out also. Re-did that and it's gone. Now dips ever so slightly in the left motor, but that was just testing it for a few second in my bark yard, on a windy day. I need to take it to a park to see weather it's the wind by facing it in different directions to the wind.

Be awhile before I can do that tho, because my radio (9x) died after 15 meters it starts having range issues. The cable inside is good, I think it's the module, and I've tested on multiple receivers with the same issue. Anyway I was looking at upgrading to frsky anyway, so now is a good time. I was meant to have a spare radio as a trainer because my brother is wanting to learn FPV, but the seller I bought it off is being difficult to contact and taking forever to ship :/ *sigh*. Oh well.

Anyway thanks for the help! Greatly appreciated, the guys on this form deserve a medal.