Electrohub, Flip 1.5 setup to work with Hobby King HK-t6a radio



I am new to quads and configuring the radio.
I'm stuck and in need of some help.

I bought the electrohub from FT and the electronic package from readytofly that has the flip 1.5 in it.

I'm confused how to plug up my hobby king t6a receiver to the flip, configure the correct settings in my hobby king hk-t6a 6 channel radio software.

on the flip package it talks about set travel Aile, Ele, and Rudder to - 130% to 130%; throttle trim - 50%.
I do not know how to do that.

I do not have a servo tester that was demonstrated in the electrohub build video.
so I hope that I set motor direction correctly. from what I could make of the setup from the video
front left motor 3 wires are solder straight to the speed controller, front right motor two wire swap on the speed controller. back left motor two wires swap, back right wires are straight. I do not know how to test if they are turning in the correct direction according to the flip instruction on the package. front left d3 clockwise, front right d10 counter clockwise, back left d11 counter clockwise, back right d9 clockwise

Thank You

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Update 01

Here is an update on my progress setting up electrohub quad.

Motor direction:
I did not have a servo tester to test the motor to see what direction it turns.
My receiver was already bind to my radio so what I did to test which way the motor spin was that I connected each speed controller separately to channel three on my receiver and was able to get them to come on.

Flip connection to Receiver:
THR to CH3
AIL to CH1
ELE to CH2
YAW to CH4

When I power up the electrohub I get the beep it is connected. Red solid light, blue blinking light on the flip.
I try to motor arm by left stick down, right stick right. Also I tried left stick down right, right stick center
But I do not get any response.

Radio settings:
On the instruction is says reverses. Aile=Rev. Ele = Nor. Rud = Rev.
What does this mean and how to set it?

Also it says to set travel aile, ELE, and rudder to -130% to 130%
Not sure how to set this either


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