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Help! Emax Femto Burn Up/Ideas for Micro Fc with Pdb

I have an Ft gremlin, and recently the flight controller stopped working. This is the second time that this happened and I am tired of working with these boards. Does anyone know of any other 20mmx20mm ish size flight controllers with an integrated pdb?


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Ok, I started looking around online and when I was searching 20x20mm boards, many have a standardized 20x20mm mounting hole pattern but the board is bigger so I didn't want to go suggesting a board that didn't fit.
Does anyone know anything about the new flitetest full speed rc flight controller and 4 in 1 esc stack? It is the new fc and esc from the ft gremlin v2. I haven’t found much informaction on it since it was just added to the store on the 19th.