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Emax RS2205 motor issues

Looks like one of the motor wires is not connected to the ESC (ie could be loose). Other motors seem fine.

What ESCs you running?


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If they are BLHeli running ESC's, which the HobbyKing website claims they are, you should run BLHeliSuite (try the latest) via the Cleanflight passthrough mode (for Silabs) and check to make sure they are all set the same. I've seen ESC's with BLHeli software that all have different settings (start power, end points, etc) even from the same manufacturer:


Also, I highly recommend when testing ESC's and motors on a new build, that you consider using a voltage limited power supply or a voltage limiting test device, especially if you flash new software or change settings:


How are your motors connected to the ESC's? Soldered directly or via bullets? Maybe there's a bad solder connection either way.

How are your ESC's connected to your flight controller? Signal and ground or just signal? I've seen weird things happen when the ESC ground connection on the signal side isn't connected.
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