Esaki tissue method for tiny (pistachio w/9" wingspan) scale models? Uhu stick too rough.


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Anyone got experience with this? I'm building a pistachio scale Farman Carte Postale and it's going to be super light. I'll be sure to post a build thread once it's complete, but I'll be running into this covering problem soon. My tail feathers are 1/32" sticks and an Uhu drag would rip then apart. Maybe mix with water and paint it on? I plan on pre-shrinking the tissue before application.

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Not with uhu sticks, but plenty with elmer's. Some people have the touch, but I cheat. Elmer's purple stick is alcohol soluble, so I brush on a few drops of isopropyl, wait a few seconds then wipe the brush over the glue/alcohol slurry. Doesn't take much practice to get the mix right and it paints onto the wood beautifully.

Bonus, if it dries before the tissue tacks on (or the tissue pulls free in a weak spot), brush a little alcohol onto the tissue and the glue will melt right into it.

For tools, I use an old nail polish bottle I've cleaned out and filled with isopropyl. Works great at putting the alcohol right where I want it, and the brush makes a decent glue applicator.

No idea if the uhu sticks will act the same . . . But hard to believe you can't find similar if the uhu isn't alcohol soluble.