Hughes H-1 w/ Racing Wings


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Has this been a nasty winter for the Northeast or what? As soon as I said, maybe I can sneak in a warm day, it turned to arctic blizzards every day.

I am still watching for a break in the weather so I can test the larger wings. I'll start building them soon... March has to be better.


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Finally. I finally put together the plans with the more practical wingspan of 32 inches in 2 single-sheet sized layouts.

The larger wings have not been tested as this February in New England has been the coldest on record and the snowiest I have ever seen. I figure if a 28 inch wingspan flies, 32 inches will fly a little slower, but not too slow.

If and when you build your own, please share the experience with everyone here! (I'm looking at you ClearSkiesCalmWinds)

If you run into any bugs, share those as well so I can update the plans.

Full Plans (with Edits after ClearSkiesCalmWinds tested) in the links below:

jrHughes H-1 Cross Country Wings - Page 1/2
jrHughes H-1 Cross Country Wings - Page 2/2

Links updated to include spar and servo slots. Now includes both Cross Country and Racing wings!
Happy Building!
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John, I'll send you a PM with some questions. Joe

Alright, Joe. Try them again. They are now TIF formatted files and include the spar placement as well as servo slots. The wing tapers toward the edge, so it is necessary to fully cutout the servo slots as shown using 9g servos. The underside of the servo should sit flush with the underside of the wing.

I slather glue across the surface to keep it firmly in place. I also recommend trimming down the servo arms to avoid damage on landing. She comes in hot! :)


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Here is the one I built.

Wingspan 145mm.

Retracts and inboard flaps.


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