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F-302 from stargate

crash daily

hey guys sorry i havent been on here for a while,iv also been building a f-302 from stargate its a very basic design im just getin the CG and weight rite as the plane just flips backwards if not enough weight to the front,here r the pictures that i use to build this plane. perspective1.jpg F302-08.jpg 391158_10150343226442741_665972740_8467160_848655997_n.jpg


Rotor Riot!
Nice! I am a fan of Stargate SG-1!

Though the design of the X-302 (I don't remember F-302) is not stable at all, and might not even be controllable! It will be very touchy, and will tend to fly upside down... It's just a tv show anyways...


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Will it tend to fly upside down, because nearly all the vertical stabs are on one side and there will be weight added on that side?

I mean we can fly inverted and if you have it trimmed out I think it will fly just as every freaky funky thing does :D
And also if you fly a plane inverted and also trimm out for inverted flying, reverse elevator and rudder, and mod it to land on the back side you´ll have a permament backside flyer. The question just is whether you feel the difference in the end or not.
But I don´t really thing that will change anything.

crash daily

hey guys thanks for ur feed bk,this is why i built the f-302 as u can see it does fly but this is a smaller rc plane,if i can get this to fly then il start trying to build more from the stargate universe.

crash daily

hey guys sorry i didnt say its the f-302 i have made has a flat wings and not angled downwards,thanks colorex for pointing that out,the winds r blowing at 70mph at the mo in the uk so im grounded til they die down.
Did you ever get a chance to get this to fly? I was actually thinking the other day I'd like to build one of these.

oh and it was originally called the X-302, but once it passed experimental stage it became the F-302, just in case you wanted some nerdy stargate facts ;)