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F A S T Arrow

I'm still waiting for the motor and servos for my DIY design.
My spear is currently under renovations and looks a little bit unflyable.
Hey, what a coincidence, I totally wasn't looking for a way to use this motor for the past year. Let's give the Arrow a TWR of [insert super high number here]!!!!!!!!!!
And then promptly crash it of course. This might get a little hectic...


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The arrow doesn't need much to be fast. I run a little 1806-2700 kv in mine with a 5045 prop and it screams, even on 3S. I can't even imagine the chaos if I were to step it up to 4S.
So I had another little idea:
that 4s battery will be pretty heavy after all, why not counterbalance it? Yay or nay for deadly torque?


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Try it, but I feel like the arrow may be a bit small for that. Might have better luck with a versa, it's a touch bigger.
is it bad if this could theoretically break the sound barrier in under 10 seconds?
also that power pod is there because the battery was too big to fit in the hatch... and it's the smallest one i could use.
I'm going to build a larger box to put the battery there. Despite the weight of the extra stuff, the plane still accounts for only around 50% of the weight. the rest is pure EDF. I have yet to see if the ESC will go up in flames. But hey, anything for science.
I'm really really bad at remembering to do things, aren't I? Here's the video:
I almost ruined the battery so I'm not going to do any flying with this thing regularly. It was just a test, really.